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Japan Used Toyota Corolla

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2009 Latest Toyota Corolla with Attractive Look

The New 2009 Toyota Corolla is designed with more power, more standard safety, features, and fresh styling.We evaluate not only engine and handling performance for the 2009 Toyota Corolla, but also interior cabin and cargo space.


The Corolla will come in five grades – Standard, 2009 Toyota Corolla LE, 2009 Toyota Corolla XLE, the sporty S, and the performance-driven 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS. A standard body kit on S and 2009 Toyota Corolla XRS models helps to modify aerodynamics and enhance the Corolla’s sporty look – these include a front spoiler, rocker moldings, upper and lower.


Toyota Corolla Parts Accessories

Engines, Gearboxes & Cylinder heads for collection, delivery or fitting. Interior Exterior Performance Parts Worldwide shipping.

Parts & Accessories
2009 Toyota Corolla Specification

Want to know more about the drivetrain, suspension and steering? Can’t wait to find out about exterior and interior dimensions and technical specifications on the engine, wheels and tyres?

Specification of Corolla
2009 Toyota Corolla Features

The New 2008 Toyota Corolla is a most sensible car with good reliability. It has good interior quality, excellent fuel economy, best exterior design and and looks. The people buy Corollas for sensible reasons : fuel efficiency, interior room, quality and reliability

2009 Toyota Corolla Features
Toyota Corolla Maintenance Tips

What to look for when buying a used Toyota Corolla cars. To check hose deterioration, start a cold engine with the radiator cap off and let it reach operating temperature. Watch the coolant as it runs through your radiator. If black specks appear, your hoses probably need to be replaced.2009_corolla.jpg

2009 Toyota Corolla Maintenance Tips

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Maintenance Tips
Maintenance Tips
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